Brunswick Community College 基金会

The Brunswick Community College 基金会, 成立于1982年, is a charitable organization 501(c)(3) instituted to enhance the mission of Brunswick Community College to a level of excellence and purpose for students and the community. The 基金会 is a vital resource for the acceptance and solicitation of all gifts for the continued growth and progress of Brunswick Community College. The 基金会 enables the college to meet a number of diverse needs that could not be achieved solely with state funding.


The 基金会 is governed by a Board of Directors and volunteer directors as well as honorary, ex-officio directors. 大学校长和其他主要管理人员也会参加. 通过宣传, influence and financial support, 这些领导确保了对社区学院理念的承诺. 他们支持学校的使命,提高学生的目标和生活水平. Because of the 基金会’s structure, 朋友和校友也参与筹款活动和资产管理项目.

基金会 Funds at Work

BCIF Foreign Study Scholarship recipients


Thanks to the BCIF Foreign Studies Scholarship provided by the Brunswick County Intercultural Festival (BCIF), 来自det365手机版官网(det365手机版官网)的一群聪明的人- Abigail Fluharty, 玛丽莎Gainey, 莎拉·弗莱克, and Samantha Becker – are set to embark on an enriching journey through Europe as part of the college’s Study Abroad program. 他们的行程包括在德国(慕尼黑)的沉浸式体验, 达豪集中营), 意大利(威尼斯, 米兰), and Switzerland (Zurich).

“In today’s interconnected world, Study Abroad programs offer invaluable opportunities for students to embrace diverse perspectives,” emphasized Heather Crisco, det365手机版官网的讲师和留学项目的协调员. “Financial constraints often hinder such experiences, 我们非常感谢BCIF的慷慨支持. Through their contributions, they’re not just funding trips but igniting a passion for global exploration and understanding.”

最近, Mari-Lou Wong-Chong of BCIF, along with 特蕾莎修女纳尔逊, Executive Director of det365手机版官网 基金会, and Instructor Heather Crisco, had the pleasure of meeting with the scholarship recipients to learn more about their backgrounds and aspirations for the upcoming journey.

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Lynes Family Extends Student Support

Just prior to the holidays, longtime supporters Daniel and 琳达莱茵斯 made a visit to The 基金会 of Brunswick Community College (det365手机版官网). They brought with them a gift of $10,2009年以他们的名义设立了一项捐赠奖学金. 这是最近增加的奖学金基金,今天总额超过35万美元. “bbc很幸运能得到像丹和琳达这样的人的支持, 是谁的善良和慷慨无边,使无数学生受益,det365手机版官网基金会执行董事特蕾莎修女纳尔逊说. “For that, we are incredibly grateful.” As part of the Lynes’ visit to det365手机版官网, they caught up with two of the students they’ve helped , Alexa埃文斯 and 维多利亚霍华德. Like many 基金会 donors, 莱恩一家喜欢了解他们支持的学生,并欢迎一段持久的友谊. 霍华德说:“莱恩斯一家帮助我继续成为一名注册护士的道路. “I have 5 children and going through school and keeping up with everyday life and bills would not be possible without the support from others through the det365手机版官网 基金会. With less stress over nancials, 我在全国技术荣誉学会保持了我的荣誉名单地位. I am forever grateful to Mr. 和夫人. Lynes for their generosity and support.” Alexa埃文斯 echoed Howard’s sentiment. 她说:“大学学费昂贵,对我们很多人来说都负担不起。. “I’m thankful that there are families like the Lynes who are helping people like me get the degrees we need to be successful.图为(从左至右)基金会执行理事特蕾莎·纳尔逊, Alexa埃文斯, 维多利亚霍华德, 琳达莱茵斯, 丹尼尔·莱茵斯, and det365手机版官网 President Gene Smith. 了解更多关于如何建立奖学金或志愿者作为导师的信息, 请通过nelsont@brunswickcc与特蕾莎修女纳尔逊联系.edu or (910) 755-6530. 


基金会 of det365手机版官网 Welcomes Newest Donor

开普恐惧巡洋舰汽车俱乐部正在以不止一种方式移动. 他们每年举办一次车展,有240名会员参加,并贡献20美元,000 annually to community organizations. Club members Peggy Lilly, President; Bob Lilly; Rich Largent, Vice President; Jackie Winters, Secretary; and Jim Hunt, 董事会成员, 最近带着他们的第一笔2美元的捐款拜访了det365手机版官网基金会,500. This gift will fund student scholarships.

“上周欢迎Cape Fear巡洋舰俱乐部来到校园,这是一个多么美妙的节日惊喜啊,det365手机版官网基金会执行董事特蕾莎修女纳尔逊说. “We are blessed to have the support of so many wonderful community organizations and are thrilled to welcome the Cruisers Club to the family. 我们感谢他们的慷慨,并期待着多年的合作.”

Established in 2006 with a handful of members, 开普恐惧巡洋舰汽车俱乐部由134户家庭组成, 240个成员, 190辆车. 他们每年4月下旬和10月在绍斯波特市中心举办两场汽车和卡车展. To learn more, visit their website at

For more information on The 基金会 of det365手机版官网 and how you can make a difference in the lives of det365手机版官网 Students, contact 特蕾莎修女纳尔逊 at or (910) 755-6530.


American Legion Nursing Scholarship Presentation

det365手机版官网 Nursing Student Selected for Two 奖学金

The Colon Furr Memorial Nursing Scholarship Program awarded det365手机版官网 Nursing student Jason Scott Riley with two scholarships. The first is the Outstanding Nursing Student scholarship of $1,500 from American Legion Post 543. The second is the Department of North Carolina’s Division II Colon Furr Nursing Scholarship award of $1,000.

The American Legion Department of North Carolina established the Colon Furr Nursing Scholarship shortly after Furr’s passing. 阿什维尔的居民也是阿什维尔的长期雇员, VA医院, Furr是一个伟大的支持者,并致力于为护理专业的学生提供奖学金. 1992年,第一项奖学金以他的名义颁发,一直延续到今天.

In addition to supporting nursing students, 美国退伍军人协会是美国退伍军人就业伙伴关系的慷慨支持者, 或PAVE程序. This program funds work-study opportunities for student veterans and has benefitted many as they transition from the military to civilian life.

了解更多det365手机版基金会的信息,以及如何帮助我们的学生取得成功, please reach out to 特蕾莎修女纳尔逊 at or (910) 755-6530.

coll年龄 of photos from the Women in Philanthropy Dinner

The Women in Philanthropy Raise $11,000 in Single Night

The Women in Philanthropy and 领导 of Brunswick County (WPLB) enjoyed their first Annual Dinner in nearly three years and are more excited than ever about making a difference in the lives of students at Brunswick Community College (det365手机版官网) and county wide. 新老会员都参加了,并带来了有兴趣了解更多的朋友. WPLB通过教育支持和帮助塑造未来的领导者, 指导, 筹款, 和宣传. 

 她说:“我们很高兴看到这群充满爱心的女性又重新活跃起来了。 The 基金会 of det365手机版官网 Executive Director 特蕾莎修女纳尔逊. “Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I’m blessed to know them and grateful for all they do. 仅今晚,他们就筹集了超过一万一千美元的奖学金这些奖学金将改变他们的一生. They are a shining example of what’s possible when people unite for the good of students and the community.”

 当晚的节目包括英国商会主席吉恩·史密斯的讲话, 特蕾莎修女纳尔逊, and 基金会 Board Vice President Ann Landis. 嘉宾们还听取了det365手机版官网学生大使Dimitry Williamson和Terissa Jordan的演讲. 

Thanks to 基金会 Board President Teresa Carroll, 基金会 Board Vice President Ann Landis, and 基金会 董事会成员s Connie Johnson, 露辛达阿诺德, 简•艾伦, 以及Brooke Rudd Gaglie,感谢她领导了这次活动和筹款活动. 


Veteran Lunch Award Winners group photo

det365手机版官网 Celebrates 退伍军人

今天下午, det365手机版官网 thanked and celebrated our veteran students, 教师, 工作人员, 校友, 和社区支持者在退伍军人年度午餐会上. 活动开始时,美国退伍军人协会第543色队的颜色展示, followed by a warm welcome from det365手机版官网 President Gene Smith.

Joe Irreara, Col USMC (Ret.), and Tim Johnson, Captain USMCR (Ret.), awarded three 军事 Officers Association of America scholarships to det365手机版官网 veteran students. They included Jim Carper, BG USANJ Memorial Scholarship recipient Stephen Maples, 森克兰MOAA奖学金获得者丹尼尔·汤普森和斯蒂芬妮·亚历山大.

Rick Sessa,美国退伍军人543站的前指挥官,是主讲人. Mr. Sessa分享了他作为一名年轻军人的经历以及他在职业生涯中学到的一切. He expressed gratitude for the opportunities he had in the military and for the service of his fellow veterans.


SECU 基金会 Scholarship Recipients

det365手机版官网 Students Receive SECU 基金会 奖学金

本周早些时候, SECU 基金会 representatives Velva Jenkins and Shannon Whitley joined a room full of excited det365手机版官网 教师, 工作人员, and leadership to present two scholarships for $5,000 each to students Randi Burke and Nadya Waters. These awards are part of the SECU 基金会’s “People Helping People” two-year scholarship program established to assist NC Community College System students succeed academically.

In addition to awarding the scholarships, SECU基金会给了det365手机版官网基金会一个惊喜,捐赠了18美元,000 as part of its Bridge to Career Scholarship Program. det365手机版官网 President Gene Smith and 基金会 Executive Director 特蕾莎修女纳尔逊 accepted the check and thanked SECU for its steadfast support of det365手机版官网 students. Congratulations to Randi and Nadya.

To learn more about scholarship opportunities like this, speak with a Financial Aid representative in det365手机版官网’s OneStop Student Services Center at (910) 755-7320 or



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